Planning to jazz up your wardrobe in the New Year or cleaning house for the end of the season sale, we at Stylewati understand your need for constantly revamping your style, with the most exciting trends. In 2020, we are looking at creating our own style, through our own statement. And what better way to do it than a statement T-shirt for girls that speaks for itself with its unique and creative design!

My Eyes On You - Short Sleeve White Color T-Shirt For Girls by Stylewati

This Half Sleeve T-Shirt For Girls carries the exact embodiment of cool and swagger for the desi girl in you. If you want to grab attention at a party, or the upcoming Valentine ’s Day – this funky yet deceptively cool Plain T-Shirt will be the IT-garment for you this season. In an amazing blend of desi aesthetics and quick wit, this t-shirts for girls has a fun illustration of a Yogi, with a mischievous wink in his eyes, and a catchy caption that also is a pun! Even though the t-shirt says “My eyes on you”, after wearing it with oomph and style, all eyes will indeed be on you. This Half Sleeve T-Shirt For Girls is a clear conversation starter, and it will create a distinct air about you as soon as you enter any room.

With our most creative T-shirt design ever, you will be the talk of the town and the belle of the ball. This T-shirt is 100% cotton, available in half sleeve, and caters to women no matter if you’re petite or lusciously curvy. From sizes S to XL, this Plain white T-shirt with Graphic design is available in Plus Size T-Shirt For Girls category also. Comfortable and soft fabric makes it easy for regular wear. You might choose to wear it for a fun casual day in the office and wow your colleagues and friends with the ingenuity of this creative T-shirt, or you can wear it to a nice hangout session with your friends at a bar or restaurant. This Half Sleeve T-Shirt For Girls can be worn to any occasion with the right kind of accessorizing. You just need to log on to, and purchase this Plain T-shirt, along with any other t-shirt of your choice to make it part of the Combo T-Shirts deal!

My Eyes On You - Short Sleeve White Color T-Shirt For Girls

You can style this Plain T-Shirt with a pair of ripped denim jeans, with a khadi shawl, be it patterned or of one colour, along with a bindi and dangling silver jhumkas, you will be making the perfect desi-meets-western vibe with your outfit, and make sure you wear flat embroidered chappals with it to complete the look. For a more edgy vibe during cooler weather, you can style the Half Sleeve T-Shirt For Girls with a classic leather jacket and boots, preferably doc martens. You can choose to accentuate the look with a woollen scarf and a pair of kickass aviators to beat the sun on your eyes. With these t-shirts for girls, you can also wear an Indian-style hand-embroidered long skirt with a sideways sling bag and sandals, and top it off with a round-rimmed hat, completing the vibe with a stack of colourful bangles on your left wrist. You can style this “My eyes on you” Plain white T-shirt with Graphic design in as many ways as possible, and you will end up looking great!

My Eyes On You - Short Sleeve White Color T-Shirt For Girls