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Capsule wardrobe may sound fancy but is it? No, as it simply means to have a few clothes carefully selected, simple and perfect to mix and match. The making of a wardrobe capsule is the easiest thing one can do in the process of purchasing clothes for kids. Kids grow fast and there comes a need to renew their wardrobe every few months, so from both sustainability and financial perspectives, it’s necessary to buy less in order to waste less. Let’s read forward to know how to prepare your kid a capsule wardrobe!

Six factors for designing a simple kid’s capsule.

Capsule Wardrobe - Smart


Clothing speaks for us, you cannot enter gym in a dungaree and you cannot show up at a party in track pants. Your clothes really well tell where you are heading towards. The reason why it’s very important to dress kids smart. They should learn how to dress right, right when they start to dress. So before you make your kid a capsule wardrobe, spare some time to think which kind of the clothes will describe him, her personality.

Capsule Wardrobe - Simple by stylewati


With smart clothes also one needs to see the simplicity of it. Simple clothes look good on kids. Not only the parents but simple clothing also are liked by the kids. Heavy clothing with many embellishments makes them uncomfortable, the reason why even they love to dress simply. So second thing you need to keep in mind is to go for simplicity.

Capsule Wardrobe Sustainable by stylewati


When you buy clothes, keep in mind to see if it last longer. It is necessary for baby clothes to be durable. You already need to change your baby’s closet every time the previous ones fails to fit, so you should be strict about not changing the same lot due to poor quality. Keep just two but sustainable and good quality wise. Also if they are sustainable, you can keep it for your other kid or also you can donate.

Comfortable Capsule Wardrobe by stylewati


Include only the dresses that you think are comfortable to them. A wardrobe capsule should not have anything which of no use or which your kid won’t wear. So see to it very clearly if you are including any uncomfortable outfit to the capsule, it would waste both your time and money.

Flexible Capsule Wardrobe by stylewati


Firstly pick the colour scheme either bright or light, dark or pastel. Keep in mind that the clothes you pick should mix well, which means they should go along each other really well, as only then they’ll be able to serve the purpose of being in a capsule wardrobe.

So this is how you can have a wardrobe capsule for your babies. You can explore baby girl dresses at babycouture which definitely will work to take away the summer blues!

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