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Our hairstyle can make or mar our entire look. Thus, we need to be particularly cautious about the hairstyle we select. While we all figure out what suits us best over the time and it becomes our signature hairstyle choosing the right kind of hairstyle gets difficult when we have to attend a special occasion as we don’t want to be there in the same hairstyle we flaunt each day. Since the occasion is special, the hairstyle must be special too.

You are indecisive about what to do to your hair as you get ready for a party then here we are with a few pretty party hairstyles that you may choose from:

High Bun

High Bun - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

High buns are a rage among the party goers. These go well with western outfits as well as Indian attires. Though you require investing some time in making this bun the outcome is worth the effort. Making a high bun actually gives a party feels as it renders a chic yet classy look. Go for a pair of danglers or chandelier earrings with this hairstyle to enhance the look.

Neatly Ironed

Neatly Ironed - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

If you like to play it safe and are not in a mood to experiment with your looks then go for neatly ironed hair. This simple yet classy hair-do can never go out of fashion. It renders a polished look and goes well with almost any kind of outfit. It is a good idea to wear a heavy neckpiece or earrings to accentuate this subtle look.

Half Tuck Hairstyle

Half Tuck Hairstyle - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

Half-tuck hairstyle has been in vogue since eternity. This easy to style hair-do can be done with some variation each time you head out for a party just to change the look slightly. You can either iron your hair as you half tuck it with a rubber band or bobby pins or you can curl the hair that falls down to your shoulder for an accentuated look.

Soft Curls

Soft Curls - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

Soft curls render a subtle yet stylish look. They look different from the usual. So if you really aim to look different at an event it is a good idea to say goodbye to those plain ironed hair and go for soft curls. It is better to get it done by a professional so as to get a proper look. This hairstyle goes well with western outfits as well as ethnic attires and works well for all kinds of events.

Braided Style

Braided Hairstyle - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

If you have long hair, braids may be your preferred hairstyle on a usual day. To make this hairstyle look different and stylish, you can adorn your braid with sparkling clips or studs. Besides, you may go for a braid different from the one you make otherwise so as to flaunt a new look. You may choose from French braid, Dutch braid, a fishtail braid or rope braid. Braids look best with Indian attires such as salwar suit, saree, and lehenga. Wear ethnic accessories to enhance the look.

Side-Swept Hair

Side Swept - Trendy Party Hairstyles for Young Women

Side-Swept hair renders sensuous look. If you have long hair or medium length hair then you can easily go for this stylish hairstyle. Iron your hair neatly or curl them and then carefully get them to one side. You may use bobby pins to tuck them and keep them intact. Wear big dangler earrings to amp your look. This hairstyle looks as good with an evening gown as it does with a lehenga choli.

So, the next time you are invited to a party, you won’t have to mull over which hairstyle to opt for. Try these and see which one looks good on you. Go for the one that suits you best. Add glittery hair clips, bobby pins, maang tikka or side pass to enhance the look.

Do tell us which is your go-to hairstyle for parties and special occasions.

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