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Top 7 shoe styles that pair well with many outfits!! There comes a point when your shoe club reaches a saturation point and you wish to start building the whole new slot from the scratch. Think minimalism like an add-on for your style combinations. There are certain shoe trends which have made it to spring/summer 2018. Whether you are a rock chic girl or hold a feminine power, our slew beneath of various shoe trends keeps every girl’s personal style taste in mind. Shop the A-listers of the season right now!

Peep toe booties

1. Peep toe booties

If you thought that boots were designed only for winters, you have another think coming. These boots pave the way for formal dos as well as casual outings. Yes, they also pair well with basic and loud combinations. Mix and match these peep toe boots in a bright shade. Choose monotone code and let them make a statement as you strut. Try them out!

Bright sneakers

2. Bright sneakers

It’s a forever rollercoaster ride to choose from so many trends when they all land at the same time. If you aspire to look at ease and comfort, opt for bright sneakers. There’s no better way than making an old tee spark and let a pair of jeans stand out. The trend holds all the profits for your style and once you factor in it, you’ll love to dabble wearing them most of the times. Since summers are here, grab them with bold stripes and frayed jeans.


3. Mules
You are highly mistaken if you thought wearing mules gave a formalist vibe. There’s no doubt they complete a business suit or a white shirt combination. Mules are also designed to suit your other occasion needs. Make this sartorial style weapon to give an illusion of longer legs. When worn with a shirt dress or a pinstriped skirt, these mules can raise the style bar, stat!

Metallic heels

4. Metallic heels

Metallics are a party wardrobe saviour, but this style can take you beyond the cocktail nights. Challenge its versatility and see it give you more than you asked for in the first place. Yes, metallic heels in silver, bronze or golden shine can also add a splash of newness to your brunch dress or boxy tops. Team them with your panelled jeans and reserve them for your next outing. Make them all stare, ladies!

Velvet pumps

5. Velvet pumps

Nude and pointed toe pumps are a style saviour when an ethnic outfit lacks its final flair. As we enter more into spring/summer, I suggest you give velvet pumps a chance to make your outfit breathe a new life. Suitable to take you’re traditional as well as a western outfit to new heights, these comfy pumps are a must-have at this time of the year. Your fashion ratification is about to be taken seriously!

Fur sliders

6. Fur sliders

Are you sick of your shoe closet that’s filled only with sneakers and heels? If you are in the mood for some impulsive shopping, welcome fur sliders that are the stress buster for your feet. Firstly, they keep your feet warm and secondly, they make you look fashionable on an immediate basis. Plus, right now all it girls from the fashion world are grabbing them in every colour. Just have a look at the trend and decorate yourself with these dramatic sliders.

Patent leather loafers

7. Patent leather loafers

We live in a world where the digital space is more appreciated than reality, where Instagram is approached more for style cues and where Facebook grants all the fashion info. Now, let the good times roll by with patent leather loafers. Their glossiness can speak up for your style and their functionality can aspire others to copy paste your outfit. Wear them with your LBD’s or jumpsuits as these loafers are committed to making you look chic and smart.

Top 7 shoe styles that pair well with many outfits

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