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Our moms deserve the best from the world and there’s no doubt that the gift gamut is filled with a plethora of options. That said, this Mothers day let’s surprise our moms with gifts that are totally worth it and have a sentimental spin attached to them. If you are already exhausted to find the right kind of gift, cement your place right here with us. From jewels to a perfect handbag, our guide won’t let you come back to square one.

For a low key mom

1. For a low key mom

It doesn’t matter if your mom is a working lady or she is a housewife. What matters is how much ease she is at right now. Make her life smoother and simpler by offering her a sleek pair of shoes that are neutral in colour and team well with any sort of an outfit. Light hue shoes will be her feet fave. Just take that measuring tape and get ready to pamper her!

for a stylish mom

2. For a stylish mom

When special occasions arrive, we love to pile on nice fragrances right? That’s exactly what moms like too. Yes, surprise her with a gift that will not only increase her aroma collection but also make her proud of your selection. If you are confused, perfumes like Elizabeth Arden, Titan Skinn or Davidoff Cool Water, will be your best bet. I can vouch for these options that she will love it!

For a convenience freak mom

3. For a convenience freak mom

Commuting every day with dozens of bags can be a havoc for her. Instead, why not make it easier for her? Gift your mom a handbag that stows her whole world. From her tiffin to her vanity box, a stylised option is the one she must have on this big day. Opt for darker shades so that the colour doesn’t get dull later.

For a cool mom

4. For a cool mom

We all have certain sentiments attached to going for spas after a really hectic work life schedule and we all deserve it. But, for our moms, the work is never-ending. On this special occasion, ask her to cool down her muscles and give her a spa set or rather give her a one-hour spa coupon of her favourite salon. This visit will make her feel at home while she relaxes herself down and feels extraordinary about herself.

For the makeup mom

5. For the makeup mom

Moms that travel often are the ones who love make up the most and the ones who go out for certain occasions, need them so they look their best in front those other aunties. There are so many brands in India that are reasonable and need no second guesses as the products are very neutral and don’t need any test patch. If you are unsure, a nice ruby woo shade from M.A.C or a nude colour will make her smile even huge. You can also gift her a set of nail paint if she is a manicure freak.

We hope that your dilemma is at least a bit clear now since our 5 type guide is designed to meet the needs of a modern-day mom. Now, go ahead and pile on all the online websites to buy this stat!

Dear Mom, This One Is Solely For You!

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