You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally


In this post we have mentioned few Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally. Wrinkles are the initial signs of ageing that start appearing on the skin. Apart from ageing, there are innumerable other factors which contribute to the development of wrinkles. Some of the prominent factors which contribute to wrinkles include damage from sun, pollution, dehydration, sleeping on the side with cheek on the pillow, smoking, poor lifestyle, etc. It is true that we cannot stop the ageing process, but we can definitely work on the other factors and keep the problem of wrinkles at bay. There are two layers of the skin – the outer layer, which is known as the epidermis and the layer below that known as the dermis. When the dermis is affected, it leads to wrinkles. Collagen and other kinds of proteins constitute the dermis. With ageing, lesser amounts of collagen are…