tunic top


A tunic top owns the versatility of being a perfect replacement when you are sick and tired of wearing kurtas. With new trends emerging in divine denims, we couldn’t resist telling you how you can team any sort of tunic with different bottoms. Not just that, we further make it clear how this tunic happens to be the best choice for so many occasions. Let’s plunge into its awesomeness and get a few for ourselves, stat! 1. Tunic with shorts If you thought tunics are tacky, you have a think coming. Honestly, tunics deserve a chance to be in your closet. The basic tees and shirt sass have always taken sides to go with shorts. This season, see your wardrobe do a 180 spin. Shorts are definitely the excuse to try out with classy tunics. Choose high stilettos in bright hues to go with it. 2. Tunic with ripped jeans…