Travel outfits


Travel outfits can be a bit daunting, but no one likes restrictions especially during travel hours. Flavoured with versatility and vogue, there are certain statement makers on the fashion radar that can bring all the eyes on you. If you don’t know how to make your travel bag look like you were born to be a fashionista, we are here to tell and serve you with style tips that’s a right kinda peek for all the vacay vibes. Get ready to spring right in! 1. Lace dress Having dominated most of the fabrics, lace fabric has now replaced normative dressing into something exuberant. If you are looking for something trendy yet comfy, exude all the power with this lacy grace dress. Club your black vans to go with this mesmerizing ensemble and a mini sling bag that does the double duty just right. 2. Short game strong Is any vacay…