Sunglasses trends


Summers are here which means you’ll be busy piling on sunglasses for sure. Yes, we collect many of them and if this sounds like you, we are here to give you the latest sunglasses trends of the season. Based on runway styles and street style stars, you’ll be spoilt for a choice this time. We know how difficult it is to find sunglasses that are latest as well as on-point, but these A-listers will take you in the right direction, especially when the sun rays are heavy! 1. Ultra-thin sunglasses Just when you thought these sunglasses won’t shrink any more, they did. These wafer-thin sunglasses are the best choice to make for the spring season. The tinier the frame, the better is the vision. Let’s dive straight into getting at least one pair of this one. Own a beret cap to go with these sunnies. Wear a bell sleeve top…