polka dots


2018 has hit and with that, we’re sure that this year will be about the resurgence of certain trends. Let your outfits get sprinkled with polka dots once again. We’re quite positive that this print will infuse inventive ways to let you style your outfit. If you are unsure how to wear them right, our guide below can put all your worries to rest. 1. High waist pants Polka dots have been sashaying down the runways. Incorporating them may seem like a tricky business, but honestly, they are enough to amp up your whole look. Wear your polka dot knotted shirt with high waist pants and a circle bag. Keep the overall vibe of the outfit quite modern and sophisticated 2. High waist shorts Polka dots are a must to own and like a cherry on top of any outfit. The classic print welcome new styles that will take you…