Multani Mitti


Main benefits of using Multani mitti as we all know is a remedy from the beauty remedy for the skin. The very first step towards skin treatment, multani mitti or Fuller’s earth is still highly used product in today’s time. Yes, pollution and wrong lifestyle can ruin the skin texture, but using multani mitti can bring things back in place. Multani mitti is clay like made from minerals and nutrients that can take care of not just your skin, but health and hair as well. It can take off pimples, blackheads and other issues as well. Here are a few benefits associated with using multani mitti. 1. Face Glow Multani mitti is the way to add glow to your skin. It takes away the dirt from the skin and also tends to make it look brighter. This one also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. It is beneficial…