Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid, an American fashion model has never lacked behind in showing us her style statement. From wearing pyjamas on the streets to oversized sweats, she gives us all the inspiration we need to nail any sort of look. Now be it a basic tee or a pair of high waist jeans, let’s take some style advice from her and copy her OOTD game instead of logging in to Pinterest. 1. Athleisuring No one can nail this style as good as Gigi Hadid does. Wearing leggings like a street style star is her A game and she looks majorly chic every time she teams it up with a baseball cap or a bomber jacket. Here’s all the evidence you need. You can also team yours with platform white sneakers and be tying a denim jacket at the waist. 2. Duster jackets Millennial pink made its mark in 2017 and even…