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Winters are here, and temperature has started dipping. Getting dresses and finding out that perfect dress for winter days are really difficult because you want to stay warm and stylish also at the same time. Staying stylish in cold weather is not easy as you have to carry the thick woolen clothes and it is difficult to look gorgeous in those clothes. Well for looking cool and glamour’s in chilled weather is not so difficult just you have to follow few simple rules of dressing up in winters. Those simple rules are only that you must have these jackets and coats in your wardrobe.

Well if we say that keeping your closet up to date according to winters are really easy, you just have to keep these styles of jackets and coats in your woolen collection.

Classy Biker’s Jacket:

Classy Biker’s Jacket - Must have Jackets and Coats in Winters

These are the classiest jackets, it is made up of leather that’s why it is a little costly than other types of jackets. If you don’t want to invest that much money in jackets, then you can buy a synthetic leather jacket also. It is available in different colors like black, red, green, brown, tan, etc. you can pair these types of jackets with rugged jeans slim fit jeans and high heel boots. Biker’s jacket not only give you a tough look, but you will also look classy. It is one of those rare pieces which you can wear in office, club or even for grocery shopping.

Iconic Trench Coat:

Iconic Trench Coat - Must have Jackets in Winters

Trench coats are the iconic wear which does not only keep you warm but also comfortable and easy to wear. The basic design of this coat is double-breasted with 10 buttons in front and also has a belt at the waist with a buckle. This coat came in different lengths like above the ankles, above the knee, etc. The main in colors of this coat is khaki, black, beige, red, blue, etc. You can wear this coat in any dress, jeans, jegging, etc.

Cool Bomber Jacket:

Cool Green Bomber - Must have Jackets in Winters

The bomber jacket is also known as flight jacket, it is originally created for Pilots, but its modified version is eventually got popular as a casual jacket. The material used for these jackets are boiled wool which keeps you warm in chilled winter season. Different prints are easily available in these jackets which you can even pair with leggings and any kind of boots.

Versatile Denim Jacket:

Versatile Denim Jacket - Must have Jackets in Winters

Denim jackets are the all-time favorite to every girl. You will never get bored of denim and it is the coziest cloth to wear. You don’t have to think too much to pair it with any other cloth. With any plain or rugged denim, you can wear it and for footwear, casual shoes will be the perfect match for this look.

Sophisticated Peacoat:

Sophisticated Peacoat Must have Jackets in Winters

It is also known as Pea Jacket and is originally worn by sailors and characterized by a short length, double-breasted front, broad lapels, metal and plastic buttons, and vertical pockets. It keeps you warm without sacrificing your style and also classy enough to wear on a date, office or either a normal get-together. You can wear it as an overcoat also. The main difference between a Trench coat and Pea Coat is that Pea coat doesn’t have the belt at the waist and having different pattern also.

So, girls this winters don’t worry about your style. It’s time to update your closet, keep these styles of coats and jackets in your wardrobe to stay stylish in winters also. Beat the cold by these stylish jackets and coats.

Stay Stylish! Stay Sexy! 😊

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