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Height is the first thing which anyone notices in anyone’s personality. Having a good height is really a rare thing, and in our country, the average height of people especially girls are really less. And the first thing which impresses anyone is your personality and keeping your personality amazing either you are short or tall is a tricky thing. According to us for having a good personality, height really doesn’t matter, even with a little tweaking, you can make yourself taller.

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On other side there are few advantages also of having a shorter height one is that many times you look younger than your actual age and the main disadvantage of having a shorter height is that you have to be careful always to choose your outfit and accessories because any different combination of clothes and accessories can represent your height shorter. And are you really pissed off by listening all those comments which other people will make on your height then don’t worry, there are few tricks for you so that you will not look shorter more.

Easy tricks to look taller:

Go for V-necks & Tuck in Tops:

V-necks are really helpful to add height and stretch out your frame and even by tuck in tops also help you out to add length in your frame. You can wear v-neck t-shirts with high waist jeans or shorts, it will make your torso looks shorter and your legs will look longer.

Go for V necks and Tuck in Tops - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for high waist clothes:

High waist clothes like skirts, jeans, trousers, etc. are the perfect thing to wear for short height girls. The main advantage of high waist clothes is that it will help to make your legs look longer and stretching out your figure overall.

Go for high waist clothes - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for short Jackets:

In winter time if you are going to wear any jacket, cardigan, coat, etc. then go for the shorter length of them because by wearing shorter length jackets and cardigans it will help your torso to look shorter and your legs will look longer which can create the illusion of height also. Length of jackets, coats, cardigans will be fall above your hips is a great idea for a petite figure. Pair jacket, coat, cardigan with any kind of skirt, jeans, trousers, etc.

Go for short Jackets - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for more flared jeans:

Yes, flare jeans are the best option for a petite figure because it draws the attention to your bottom half and it will make your legs look longer. Do not go for straight fit jeans as it makes you look shorter and also make sure that your flared jeans do not drag on the floor because it will also make you look shorter than taller. The trend of this type of jeans are coming back, and you can easily combine these jeans with kind of crop top.

Go for more flared jeans - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for Monochromes:

Wearing monochromes of same color family, because wearing different colors divides a person’s body into separate segments and emphasize that you’re lack of height. Try to wear vertical lines as it will make an illusion of your length. Even try to match your socks with your pants so that you will look longer.

Go for more flared jeans - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for crop tops:

Crop tops are the perfect choice for short height people because by wearing crop top your torso look shorter and your legs will look longer. Pair a crop top with any type of jeans (we suggested rugged jeans), skirts, shorts, etc. and for footwear go for some cool sneakers.

Go for crop tops - Easy tricks to look taller
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Go for Hats & Scarves:

Try to wear matching or contrast hats or wrapping a scarf around your neck so that all the attention will go upward towards your face which makes you look taller by balancing your top and bottom half. Also pick clothes that compliments your facial features, like if you have brown color eyes then you can go for brown color hat or scarf.

Go for Hats and Scarves - Easy tricks to look taller
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Well, we hope all these tricks will help you out next time and also now you will not have to listen to all those irritating questions and comments which people made on your height. Choose your outfit smartly and even by following these rules you can easily make your figure more taller.

Stay Taller! Stay Classy! 😊

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