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How to Dress Smartly for a Job Interview?
They say, “First Impression is the last impression”. Well, this certainly holds true for candidates at a job interview. The first impression they make on the interviewer has the power to make or mar their chances of grabbing the opportunity.


The way we look and present ourselves plays a significant role in creating the first impression. It is thus imperative to dress up appropriately especially when you are heading for a job interview.
Here are few tips that can come handy as you dress up for a job interview:


1.Wear a Suit


It goes without saying that you should dress up professionally for a job interview. A formal suit is an apt choice. Wear a neat suit and make sure it is well ironed. A dark coloured suit such as that in black, navy blue or grey colour is a good choice. Wear full sleeves black, white or blue shirt underneath. A tie should complete the look.
If you are not comfortable wearing a suit or it makes you feel overdressed for the position you are applying for then go for a full sleeves shirt and trousers. Don’t forget the tie!

2.Avoid Loud Colours and Flashy Patterns

Dark colours or light hues both go well for job interviews. What you need to avoid are loud and bright shades. You must also make sure you pick the pattern cautiously. A plain shirt is considered the best choice for job interviews. You may even go for striped ones. However, avoid broad checks, floral prints and other flashy designs and patterns.

3.Set Hair Neatly


Hair plays an important part in creating the right look. You must set your hair neatly. No spikes or other rugged hairstyles.

4. Keep Nails Trimmed

Make sure your nails are properly trimmed and neat.

5.Wear Polished Shoes


Choose a pair of formal shoes to complete the look and make sure your shoes are properly polished. Unkempt and unpolished shoes can be a big turn off.


1.Wear a Suit

A well-ironed and neat suit is an apt choice for women. This should include a skirt/ trouser, blazer and formal shirt. If you are more comfortable wearing Indian attire then go for it. A simple salwar-suit or churidaar and kurta with a subtle print is a good choice for a job interview.

2.Choose the Apt Colour, Pattern and Fabric

You must ensure you pick your clothes in dark or subtle light shades. Avoid bright and flashy colours as well as prints. Heavy embroideries or dupattas with ghungaroos should be strictly avoided. If you opt for a suit, it is better to choose one in cotton fabric. Avoid georgette, chiffon or other such fabrics.

3.Neat and Subtle Hair Do


Your hair must be combed neatly. Avoid making a high bun or ponytail or anything over the top. Make a low ponytail or a braid or just leave them open. Opt for a hairstyle that suits you and one you are comfortable in.

4.Avoid Loud Make Up/ Accessories

Go for light make-up. A dash of kohl and a light lipstick should complete the look. Do not go for anything more. Also, do not wear big accessories. Big earrings, neckpieces and bracelets are a strict no. Similarly, do not wear bright nail paints. Make sure your nails are properly trimmed.

5.Neat Low-Heel Shoes/Sandals


Ladies, do not head for a job interview in your high heels. Wearing low heel sandals is a safe bet.

Apart from this, both men and women must avoid strong smelling perfumes. Keeping it simple yet polished is the key.
We hope these tips helped you. Do keep a tab on this space for more clothing and styling tips.

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