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Guest Blog Post

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Article Length: An informative & long article ranks well in Google and other search engines so you are requested to submit an article or guest blog of minimum 400+ words.
  2. Article Topic: You are free to choose the topic of your own just make sure that it should be, informative closely related to our blog categories like Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty etc ( for more categories visit our blog – http://www.stylewati.com/ ) Please don’t send as uninformative articles.
  3. Author Bio and Links: As per Google guidelines for guest post blogs are allowed two links one form body of the article and another from author section. Please select your links properly otherwise you may lend a penalty from Google.
  4. Make sure article is totally unique if we find duplicate we will reject the article.
  5. You can send your guest post along with images at info.stylewati@gmail.com.
  6. Kindly share the Title, Articles, images & keywords also
  7. Once you submit the article we will check all the guidelines given above and publish your article within 24 hours.