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Nail polish, nail art, nail tattoo – we have come a long way when it comes to styling our nails. Neat and well-designed nails render a well-groomed look. While we can leave the nail art and tattoo for the special occasions, we ought to keep our nails in shape adorned with a chic nail polish shade at all times.

Now, we know how baffling it can be to choose a nail polish shade with the plethora of colors available in the market. If you spend a lot of time mulling over which shades to go for and still don’t seem to be satisfied with the chosen ones then the information shared here should come in handy.

Here are few nail polish shades that are a must-have for every woman:

Light Pink

Pink nail polish - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Light pink nail polish shade has always been in vogue. Every girl owns this nail polish shade. This can be your go-to nail polish shade for almost every occasion or no occasion at all. Wear it if you like playing it safe but do experiment with other shades too.


Red Nail Polish - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

The classic red is one nail polish shade that every girl must have. This shade can be adorned on special occasions and even on a casual day to amp your look and uplift your mood. It instantly draws attention and offers a classy look.

However, do not stick to this color for long as it would lose its charm. Change it as it begins to get lighter. It is best to save it for special occasions or maybe for days, you are feeling low.


Blue - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Bright blue nail polish with a tinge of sparkle looks great on both fair and wheatish skin tone. Apply it on your toenails and just forget about it. It can be adorned for days as it looks good with almost every color in your wardrobe including red, white, green, orange, pink and black. Besides, it is a perfect match with your blue denim that you love wearing on most days.


Black - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Black is another must-have nail polish shade. Black nail polish renders an elegant yet trendy appeal. It goes well with all kinds of attires. If you don’t own it yet, go buy yourself one to complete your nail polish collection. Just like blue, this can also be adorned for days as it undoubtedly goes well with every color.

Nude Shade

Nude Shades - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Nude shades have been in trend for quite some time. These shades look particularly good on fingernails. These shades are especially recommended for those of you who do not like drawing unnecessary attention and love keeping it subtle. Besides, you don’t have to worry about removing it immediately as it begins to chip because it is hardly noticeable.


Glitter - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Glittery nails look super stylish. If you do not have time to get nail art done but do not want to keep it simple anymore then go get yourself a few glittery nail polish shades. Apply them anytime you want and add some spark to your look.

Hot Pink

Hot Pink - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

While light pink shade renders a girly look, hot pink can be adorned to bring out the diva in you. We are girls and pink is our color. We love every shade of pink and hot pink is certainly a hot favorite, especially among young girls. This shade has the power to perk you up instantly.

So next time you go out with your girl gang, wear this shade to add to the fun.


Metlalic - Eight Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Must Have

Metallic nail polish shades render a sophisticated look. Ones in copper, bottle green, and grey shades are especially a must have for every woman since they match well with outfits of all colors. Metallic nail polish shades look best when adorned with formal attire. They can augment your style quotient effortlessly.

So if you have missed out on any of these shades, go grab them today and complete your collection. Do let us know which one among these is favorite rite!

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