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10 Valentine’s gift items to pamper her with

10 Valentine’s gift items to pamper her with
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If you are racking your brain right now and trying to figure what to gift your G.F on 14th February, you have landed on the right website. For men, thinking of any gift is a task. E-coupon from a website is the easiest but is it going to impress her? Definitely not. Show her some love this Valentines with our gift guide. It’s the safest bet because you won’t dent your bank balance and she will totally fall in love with you all over again.

Elegant watch

1. Elegant watch

She is a workaholic and loves to be on time wherever she goes. If this sounds and matches just what your S.O is, then gifting a watch is the best option. Get it in rose gold colour and choose from premium fashion brands. Beware of second copies that have spread across on Instagram and Facebook. We hope you are a bit at peace now!

Side slings

2. Side slings

Women adore and love owning a sling bag for their outings. This small token on affection is quite high on impact. Now, whether your plans include a dinner or a movie date, give this bag to her and see her stow her essentials right away. Take advantage of valentines day and gift her this fail-proof fashion item.


3. Perfume

Everyone carries a particular fragrance and by now you know what your girlfriend exactly likes. That said, search for the type of perfume she will like. From smooth flowers to sandalwood aroma, there are tons of brands that offer premium quality perfumes. Some of the best ones are Titan, Davidoff cool water and Victoria Secret. No more dilemma as you head to these brands and buy it stat!

Ruffled top

4. Ruffled top

Let’s end all the guesswork! There is no doubt that your little cupid checks the latest fashion trends. Every woman faces a rut whenever she has to go for her date. Gift her a ruffled white top. If you are unsure of the brands then this sugary sweet top is your way out. She will wear this one and not any of her old silhouettes. We swear on that!


5. Spa

It’s okay to not land at her place with red roses but the least you can do is make her schedule a bit relaxing. What’s better than spa time? An hour time at her favourite salon could be one of the sweetest and the romantic thing to do for her. This won’t cost you a lot and yes, there are quite a lot of offers that run during valentine’s day. Book an appointment, asap!

Chunky bracelet

6. Chunky bracelet

Valentine’s day is a perfect excuse to let her know how much you notice her, what she would love to own. Surprise her by keeping this one on the table while you have dinner with her. Make sure the packing is quite cutesy. It’s much better than gifting teddies or rings! It’s worth every investment you made for her smile!

Pom pom keychain

7. Pom pom keychain

Most of the times, things get lost in a girl’s handbag. For her to not face such days, you can gift her a pom keychain. Firstly, there are fewer chances of her being annoyed and secondly, she will remember you each time she takes her keys out. Isn’t that great? Don’t worry, cuz even little gifts can make her giggle.


8. Fancy bralette

If your relationship is quite fun loving wherein you are best friends first and in the relationship later, add this one to the cart. A bralette is an item that can seamlessly blend into a girl’s outfit. Shop them online as they are available in free size. From crisscross straps to lace style, this gift idea will make her feel you put in quite a lot of efforts. Thank us later!

 Night shirt

9. Night shirt

Now be it an oversized shirt or a pyjama number, this style is synonymous with comfort for her. It’s always better to gift something that’s useful. Let her enjoy some peaceful sleep as she wears your gift at night. We’re sure this idea can match with her sweet dreams. Try it out!

Beauty products

10. Beauty products

End your struggle right here to find her the most suitable gift for your valentines date. This is a fail-safe way that needs no research. All you have to do is land in a mall and take advice from a beauty expert. They will suggest a good beauty hamper. The budget starts from INR 1000 and goes till INR 3000. Shop this one and make your lady proud of you!

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