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Everything begins with rules and they need to be followed! When it comes to fashion, there are no rules, but there are certain levels which if you follow, you will just nail everything right. If you are a fashion enthusiast just like I am, you need to break the rut and come out as a star. Here are certain fashion tips and tricks that will help you out when you might be doing it wrong. They are easy and will be by you when you need them the most.

Body type - fashion tips and tricks

1. Know your body type

This is the very first baby step towards styling right. Unless you know what your body type is, you will never be able to ace different trends. No one wants to fail at this and if you don’t wish to either, do it right away.

Intimates - fashion tips and tricks

2. Intimates

Getting a wrong lingerie piece means your outfit is about to look really dull and shabby. There’s a reason why there are so many push up bras or sports bra in the market so you can up your sartorial prowess at all sorts of occasions. Just know what your exact size is and get the right one for both your health and fashion sensibilities.

Classics are the best bet - fashion tips and tricks

3. Classics are the best bet

TBH, there are certain fashion pieces that can complete the look even if you are lagging behind with accessories or shoes. Denim jacket or a leather number means you can earn the seasonal rights just the apt way. These perfect layering pieces come handy to stick around all year round.

Red pumps - fashion tips and tricks

4. Red pumps

An easy to wear and a problem solver option to own!
From cocktail nights to 9 to 5 time, these pumps are legendary, to sum up, a look. They add confidence and can up your self-esteem levels too. Every girl must have at least one pair to always be ahead of the game.

Organise your closet - fashion tips and tricks

5. Organise your closet

Time for some spring cleaning!
Yes, clearing your wardrobe every now and then is really important. The reason why this needs to be done is so you know all the pieces your closet includes and also make space for the new babies by chucking out the ones you don’t even look at anymore. A capsule wardrobe should be on your agenda, even if that means you have to invest an hour into this.

Stop being impulsive - fashion tips and tricks

6. Stop being impulsive

I know how the shopping world has made you an impulsive buyer. Consider it as a therapy, but not so much that you keep buying things all the time. Rather invest time in noticing how the fashionistas are styling the existing silhouettes in your closet. This way you can revamp and get all the creds once again.

White button-down shirt - fashion tips and tricks

7. White button-down shirt

Take cues from Marilyn Monroe if you aren’t sure about this one. A basic white shirt can keep your fantasyland alive and add an mileage to your overall game. But the shelf life of a shirt can be a bit less comparatively. So for that to not happen, don’t over bleach and also have three different types of white shirts in your closet already.

Accessorise right - fashion tips and tricks

8. Accessorise right

If you have hues that are normative it’s time you add surprisingly bold shades to them with your chunky pieces or art deco earrings. Not only do they suit well, but they also spark up any basic outfit. If you dare to do it perfectly, I would say add more contrast with right shoes and a lip shade along.

Hands-free evening - fashion tips and tricks

9. Hands-free evening

When I say this, I mean steer clear of the totes or those clutches. Liven up your evening look by owning a chain sling bag that holds all the party night worthy looks. It also lends a cool edge when worn diagonally. For the best effect, add high heels with this combination.

Nude pumps - fashion tips and tricks

10. Nude pumps

Match up your skin tone wearing this safe bet, no matter what the occasion calls for. These pumps can make you look taller and slim down your torso. Score all the major points with this option. It’s truly a trick you can’t deny.

Fashion-Tips-Every-Girl-Should-Know - fashion tips and tricks

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